Wine chiller, utensil holder, vase

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These are discontinued, so get them while you can!

This vase is the perfect decorative addition to any room. The two larger sizes (8.75" & 7.25") are the best sizes to hold cooking utensils. The largest size (8.75") will hold wine bottles, including most oversize wine bottles.

Sizes are an average, shapes are organic





All of my items are food, microwave, and oven safe (must preheat oven with pottery inside). Just avoid sudden temperature changes, like taking a bowl out of the fridge and putting it in a 350* oven or putting a hot dish into a sink of cold water.

If an item is listed "out of stock," email me (LindseyKellyPottery(at) and I can let you know when the item will be in available.

Made of mid fire ceramic stoneware and glazed with mid fire glaze.

Every piece is created by me and 100% handmade. Each item is unique and has it's own individuality. If you buy one of my items, you get a truly one-of-a-kind work of functional ceramic art.

Due to the nature of handmade ceramic and glaze, imperfections will occur, adding to the distinctive appearance.

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